Ieche kore Valobashi by S D Rubel

Most Romantic Bangla Music songs with tragedy One
This album has more type of songs, have different test songs
S D Rubel is a wonderful singer . In his different album has different image of singing .
His most impotent album are - Mayabi Pakhi , Boshe Thaki Patho Cheya, Icche kore valobashi,
Mon , Nimontron , .Parbona bhula jete etc ....
He is a different type of singer ...........

Album : Ieche kore Valobashi
Gene : Aeadhunik Gaan
Artist : S D Rubel
Version : GanGane

Title                                                   Link

01. Maya .mp3                              Download

02. Din Jai .mp3                              Download

03. O Chuad Tumi.mp3                    Download

04. Ieche kore Valobashi.mp3            Download

05. Moner Dhukho.mp3                    Download

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